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Juvederm Can Help Turn Back Years

Those smile lines are anything but funny, as they can make you feel older than your are. But there are ways to overcome the creases and turn back the clock. Juvederm® is a non-surgical treatment that can soften wrinkles or fine lines and increase on volume of the lips and minimize deep folds and wrinkles [...]

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You Can Keep Your Skin Firmer as You Age

Keeping your skin firm as you age is a great challenge, but experts say there are everyday techniques as well as treatments that can bring the desired tone. The key step is to fight your genes and work to ensure that your body keeps making collagen and that you stop the slowdown. Here are some [...]

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How Many Years Will Surgery Shed?

People undergo cosmetic plastic surgery because they want to shed some years, of course, but what do they gain from it? As many as five to eight years of more youthful appearance, according to research published recently in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery and reported in The Washington Post. The study’s authors included three [...]

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Juvederm can rejuvenate that youthful appearance

Smile lines are nothing to grin about. After a while, those fine lines and wrinkles can just make you look and feel old. But you do have a lasting option, as Juvederm® is a non-invasive treatment that can put a real smile back on your face. An injectable gel filler, it can soften fine lines [...]

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