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Ensure Your Botox is Genuine!

Over the past several years, the Food and Drug Administration issued numerous warnings about the use of counterfeit Botox, sometimes unwittingly, by physicians. A patient can be sure they are receiving authentic Botox if they: See a doctor who purchases Botox directly from Allergan or one of its authorized distributors. Kansas Surgical Arts uses only [...]

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Chin Work Is Fastest Growing Surgery Type

One of the fast-growing types of plastic surgery last year was work Americans had done on their chins, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported. Video chat is one explanation for the popularity of “chin augmentation. “As more people see themselves on video-chat technology, they may notice that their jaw line is not as sharp [...]

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No. 1 Anti-aging Treatments for Young and Old

Bulging, wrinkling and sagging prove that our bodies aren’t among the things that improve with age. But plastic surgery and anti-aging treatments are popular options for women wanting to hold back time or improve features believed unappealing. Read on to see what procedures are most popular from youth to old age. The treatments mentioned come [...]

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