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5 Steps to a Healthy Glow Year-Round

Sure, most of us want that healthy glow from the sun, but worshiping the rays carries a whole slew of risks.

But there are ways to put a warm glow on your complexion year-round, ones that don’t involve beaches and bikinis. Here are some secrets that well-known makeup artist Bobbi Brown shared with

1. Use moisturizer: “It creates a smooth base for makeup to cling to,” said Brown, suggesting using one with SPF and letting it sink in before applying makeup.

2. Concealer around eyes: With a tiny brush, paint a creamy concealer onto circles, lash lines and the inner corners (try using the ring finger to press in the color).

3. Dab on foundation: Select a shade that disappears into your skin, Brown said, and then dab it on your nose and chin with a sponge and blend outward. You can skip the cheeks and forehead for a natural look, Brown said.

4. Blush twice: Pick a blush that matches the color of your cheeks when exercising, and then brush on another brighter version of the same hue – sort of like the color variation on an apple, Brown said.

5. Finish with a pale-yellow powder: For a radiant look, use a large brush to dust on a sheer powder. Translucent ones can leave a pasty look, so try a pale-yellow one, Brown suggested.


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